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We want to create a future where people have the space and skills to grow their own food!


Our beautiful planet, the wonderful people who live on it, and our tummies would be better off if we could grow and eat our own food. By starting small we want to 'no-dig for victory' and help you take some of your food supply into your own hands.

Tuckers Meadows, Our First site.

One night, we were reminiscing about our Bath roots whilst hanging out at Will's tiny London flat garden. He was showing off his rather small herb bed, and Ed was talking about the physical and mental benefits he felt since he started growing a couple years back. That's when we thought it would be great to get our own allotment in London! But it turned our there is a 10 year waiting list in London. Realising it was the same story all over the UK, Will suggested we launch the first site back at his family farm in Bath, Somerset.

Not just for experienced gardeners

We want to make sure that anyone can get involved straight away! With ready to plant patches, community tools and friendly experienced advice, we'll be there the whole way through, season to season. Oh and we'll even do your weeding for you.

Here's Ed with some Spring Onion's he grew on his no-dig patch in 2021.


Why choose us


Skip the waiting lists! With our ready to plant no-dig beds you'll be growing in months, not years.


We provide guidance through the seasons & will have Patch Helpers sharing their years of experience to help you grow.

A Healthier YOU

Feel the mental and physical boost from the experience of growing and eating nutritious chemical free food, grown and picked by your own hands.

Our Sites Ethos

healthy people = healthy planet

We were shocked to find out that produce looses on average 30% of its nutrients within 3 days of being picked! Is shop bought food, wrapped in plastic and traveling hundreds, if not thousands of miles, doing us, the soil or the planet any good?

If we can all start small, then the impact is big! A no-dig allotment is a great way to start being less reliant on carbon & fossil fuel consuming food chains. You'll love watching bee's buzz around your marigolds, and they'll be happy to taste the pollen on your pea flowers.


A common, back-breaking, misconception with growing your own is the need to prepare the soil by digging, turning and forking. Disturbing the surface kills the amazing micro-lifeforms who live in the soil and help feed your plants with good nutrients. No-dig is all about feeding the soil with great quality compost to support life underneath, reduce the amount of time spent weeding and prepping beds, require less watering and produce larger yields

What we're doing to support biodiversity

No Dig Method
Own Grown = Less Emissions
Wildflower site perimeter
Local bee's onsite
Future re-wilding projects
Strive for b-Corp status

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