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5 Reasons Getting An Allotment Will Improve Your Wellbeing

Written by
Ed Morrison
Ed Morrison
June 4, 2022

1) Caring for something living is rewarding

Putting your energy into nurturing plants and looking after the biodiversity of the land beneath our feet is a super lush experience. Especially when you get to eat nutritionally dense food raised by your own hand.

2) Focusing on something small blocks out the craziness of the world

When you’re super close to the ground paying attention to your plants and patch you will find that any chaos that’s going on in your life or the world seems to melt away. Let nature help you find some peace & tranquility during the turbulent times we are living through.

3) Food is medicine

Eating produce that’s been grown by your own hand can be a sure fire way to ensure that you’re getting chemical free, nutritionally dense food. You are what you eat and supermarket produce spends so long in storage it loses on average 30% of its nutrients by the time you eat it.

Did you know: One glass of beetroot juice a day is enough to significantly reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

4) Spending time outside in nature is healing

Exposing your senses to fresh air and colourful surroundings will bring good vibes to your day no matter what! Not to mention that sunshine causes your body to create vitamin D which helps lift your mood and boost happiness levels.

5) Socialising with like minded people

Getting to make new friends and be part of a real life community is seriously soul boosting after the last few years of pandemic isolation. There’s laughter, smiles and good times for all when we all have a positive common goal of growing in common.

1) No digging needed! Your Back Will Thank You

Yes, it’s true. You’ll be picking bountiful harvests without needing to dig, turn or fork the earth! Your back will thank you because digging takes about 2 x times longer than No dig. Beds are made by covering your growing ground in cardboard and placing nutrient rich compost on top - giving you a surface that’s ready to plant straight away!

2) Less weeding 

Weeds get suppressed by the layer of cardboard and compost, they then die off because of no sunlight! If soil stays undisturbed then weeds and their seeds are more likely to stay locked into the ground instead of sprouting when disturbed on a traditionally dug allotment.

3) Feeding the soil creates healthier plants

By building yearly layers of organic matter and not disturbing the soil’s ecosystem, you will increase the amount of good microbial activity. Good microbes help plants access nutrients and water, so the healthier your soil - the healthier your plants! 

4) You’ll do less watering!

No dig beds retain moisture better because you’re introducing organic matter, not taking it away. By keeping the soil’s ecosystem in-tact and encouraging bacteria, fungi and worms to do their thing will create better layers of soil that save water for when your plants need it - instead of bare dug ground that leaks moisture! Water is a precious resource and no dig helps us make the most of every drop!

5) Higher Yields Are Scientifically proven!

No dig has been proven to produce significantly higher yields by Charles Dowding over the last 9 years at his Homeacres Farm. He has been weighing the results of identically planted dug vs no dig beds and over that time the results are 100’s of kg’s greater.

6) Reduce Single-Use Plastic! <3 The Planet!

Every harvest throughout the seasons means you’ll be totally cutting out vast amounts of single use plastic that is used in supermarket produce! The supply chains we rely on use way too much making no dig a great way to start reducing personal consumption of single use plastic.

7) Experience Less pests & diseases

The result of great soil health by the no-dig method helps good bacteria, insects and animals thrive! Using natural methods of pest control we can learn to work with nature instead of against it - a single teaspoon of healthy rich soil can contain up to 1 billion bacteria!.

8) You’ll help fungal networks and they’ll help your plants grow

Fungi are a super important part of running a productive healthy patch. When soil is full of life and undisturbed there will be miles and miles of fungal networks beneath your feet trading nutrients with each other and your plants.

9) Save time and be 40% more productive by no dig!

When you don’t need to spend hours and hours digging, turning and prepping the soil for planting, you’ll be able to spend it doing the fun creative side of gardening - planning, planting, pruning your patch to create your own edible zen garden.

As a bonus you will also feel the mental and physical boost of growing your own

Gardening and feeding yourself with incredibly fresh nutrient dense food has amazing positive side effects for both people and the planet. As time goes by you’ll feel closer and more at one with nature.