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Whatever you grow, we have space for you

Start growing your own Roots at our allotments. We'll provide you with everything that you need to get started with growing your own fruit and veg


Allotments that are easy pea-sy

No waiting list

No waiting list

Many Councils allotments have multi-year waiting lists, every year missed is a growing season you'll never get again.  We want to get you planting straight away!
We help you grow

We help you grow

Even if you've never grown before, we'll provide you with the help & guidance using the latest research on how to run a thriving, productive allotment that's good for people and planet.
All in one service

All in one service

Hands-on services to help you establish and maintain a great allotment. If you're going on holiday or having a busy few weeks, we can do your weeding, watering, and much more.

grow FROM £9.99 PER MONTH

We're here to help you grow your future food no matter your experience!

GROWings great for mind, body and planet!

Nothing beats the experience, taste or nutrition of food grown by your own hand. Spending just 2 hours a week in nature is proven to have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Eating with the seasons will enable you to quickly cut down on your impact on our planet, helping build a better, happier future for humans and nature alike!

We’re here to end allotment waiting lists
Members at Tuckers Meadow, Bath

a patch that feels like home

Being surrounded by other like minded growers will help us all feel more connected with one another. We want to bring together people with good hearts and green fingers!

The biodiversity of our land is super important to us and we want to make sure it's a place for humans and wildlife to thrive. We'll have Roots community projects for you to get involved with and spread natures good vibes.

We'll also host an exciting programme of events and expert speakers from the grow your own community

Our First Site ♡

Tuckers Meadow, Bath

This beautiful site offers agreat view and fertile ground come rain or shine!

The history of this field dates back thousands of years and is located just off the ancient Roman A4 Road, near Newbridge.

roots learn

roots learn

Step by step guide to learn how to make your vegetable patch grow Charles Dowding.

Charles Dowding or the “no dig guru” is an expert that can help you grow successful vegetable patches that thrive all year round. He has written 11 books and has a successful YouTube channel with 500,000 subscribers.

Roots Learn is the perfect app for you to learn to grow, whatever your experience.

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