partner with
Roots allotments

We are looking for 8 acre to 30 acre fields around the UK

Welcome call

We like to have a quick 15 minute chat with all of our potential farming partners. We run through who we are, what we do and most importantly how much you get paid.


viewing the site

If we are all happy to proceed Ed, Christian & William will head on over to your site, check it out and go for a drink somewhere near by to discuss the opportunity to work with us further.


we move in

Once a deal has been struck and contracts have been signed, we move on in. We will move in and start the process of building out our no dig allotment site with our team.


Site build

We import thousands of tons of compost, start making the beds, build the tool shed, car park, community area & wild meadows. This process can take anywhere between 3 to 10 weeks.


We take 20 year leases

What you receive for partnering with Roots Allotments.

  • £850 Per Acre Per Year Rent
  • Founding Farmers Membership
  • 20+ Year Lease Signed
  • The great feeling of helping 100s of people grow their own