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Mitch Grows

He is on a mission to unearth the worlds tastiest and rarest edible plants. As a former chef with decades of service to the stove, he believes gardening is a thrilling and active way to stay alive. Few things are more rewarding than tending to a plant from seed to harvest and being in the garden fills him with a full sense of satisfaction and allows him to enter into a magical and spiritual place where he can truly experience the best of who he is.

Kate Four Acre Farm

She loves all the elements of seed propagation and planting out - it’s so exciting. She loves harvesting the goods, and has a huge weakness for all herbs is excited to start growing more flowers in the mix amongst the veg this year!

Charles Dowding

Charles started experimenting with no dig back in 1982. He had an innate sense that it was the right thing to do. The results he achieved from the initial trials gave me encouragement to keep going. He was continually finding that no dig is great for producing wonderful harvests of healthy food. It’s good for the ecosystem and, it’s great for our health too.


Inspired by Charles Dowding, Ed started his first no dig patch over lockdown in his Grandma's back garden and has been hooked ever since! With a keen interest in sharing the knowledge of growing, Ed also shouts about how no dig, pesticide free growing benefits the soil, the environment and those growing and eating the produce!