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Become a member of Roots & feel the amazing well-being boost from growing your own food.
"Roots Allotments is a new age allotment company, changing the way people learn to grow their own"
"Roots has created the most amazing allotment community, events, courses and in person help. Its a real life movement"
"We love the guys over at Roots and their push to create a more sustainable future with their growing communities"
"We love it, every part of it. Roots is really doing amazing things for local communitiess"
Members at Tuckers Meadow, Bath

Welcome To Roots Allotments

Your Patch

You receive a ready-to-plant bed with fresh fertile compost & can start planting within the first 15 minutes of arriving!


We don't just want our locations to be perfect, we also want to build a friendly growing community that focuses on building that human connection we need!


Yoga, Food Festivals, Compost classes, Bat walks, Pilates & dozens more events. They all come included with your membership.


During your welcome session, we will help you find your patch & get you growing your own.

Rethinking Allotments

Become a member of Roots & receive regular seeds, access to our community tools & e-learning.

No Chemicals

We are a no Chemicals company, we are building healthy non chemichal communities that focus on building natural systems to rebuild our food supply

All You Need To Start

Leave your tool box at home, everything comes included with your membership.

Tools, Seeds, Water, Courses, literally anything you think you need we give you!

A Real Community

We're more than just a patch, we're a growing and thriving community of like minded people. Our communities are places to create  long lasting friendships with other local community members.

Learning Support

Our online and in person growing courses are curated by our Founders Ed Morrison & Charles Dowding

We have online video growing courses & you can have help from a patch manager when you are on site.
Drone shot at Tuckers Meadow, Bath

What’s included:



Plug Plants



Improve your wellbeing. Connect with nature.

Wellbeing is pivotal in the modern world, with everything moving crazy fast. Its time we found space to slow down and recalibrate weekly. Roots is your space for those moments.
93% of our customers have seen a significant improvement in their wellbeing
60% of our community meet lots of new friends at our community events
Most of our community use this as a place to bring their family & friends to relax

Meet your Bristol patch manager

Ed Morrisson
Head of Patch, Abbots Leigh
Members at Tuckers Meadow, Bath

Championed by Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is our founding growing advisor, he signs off on all of our growing courses.

Ed & Charles have spent weeks sweating over ensuring we deliver really high quality growing advice for our communities.

Some Fun Facts about Charles...
Over 1,000,000 follow Charles across his social channels
Charles has been practicing the No Dig technique for over 40 years
Charles has won multiple awards for his gardening genius.
Founders & Charles on Bristol site

Join the community of 500+ Rootians

96% Of Our Customers Felt Improvement in their mental health


Outstanding community, with nature at its fore front. The most amazing location with all facilities well thought out and the most helpful team. A must if you are looking for that extra space to expand your growing knowledge of veg, fruit and flowers 🌸

Steph Holburn

"My husband has wanted an allotment for ages but the council waiting lists could have been years. He loves gardening and wanted to grow his own veg. Thanks to Roots I was able to get him this for Christmas"


We have had a fab time getting started 😊 everyone be so lovely and really form a community. We already got things growing which is really exciting and the view is just wonderful 😊

John Middleton

Great site- we were one of the first to get on and have had some great results already- the guys running it are incredibly friendly- full of knowledge and also passionate about their project. The site is very well furnished- loads of tools and water stations- free compost on site, and some organic fertiliser- plus loads of events and regular updates and top seasonal tips. Seeds and plug plants come along with membership- great value, wholesome- fun and recommended.


Such a great idea! Started here about 6 weeks ago and I’m loving it. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. The setup makes everything easy and straightforward and the guys are always available for help and advice (which I need loads of!).

Alex Beaumont

"I have never had an allotment and I don't know much but I wanted to learn a new hobby and lifestyle. Tuckers Meadow by the Avon looked like a great site for this as they are also providing guidance and creating a community to learn from others"


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