Roots cycle to grow scheme

This scheme was set up for a number of reasons, mostly for the benefit our members physical health, affordability and for the health of our planet!
  • No tax, insurance or MOT like a car
  • Cost per mile 1p (bike) VS. 12p (car)
84% lower lifecycle CO2 emissions from all daily travel. By the time you reach 18 months of use, the bike would most probably have paid for itself.
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Regulates blood sugar levels

How it works

Our scheme is a partnership with e-bikes direct where we have agreed that all our members can purchase any of the Dallingridge Bikes with the 0% finance option and for any bikes that are £1,350 they will be reduced to £1150.
(*only this range is covered under this scheme*)

Next steps

Get in touch with David of e-bikes direct below once you have selected the bike you'd like. When calling or emailing quote 'Roots Allotments' and a payment link will be sent.

The benefits of cycling

Reduction in CO2

E-bikes produce around 10% of the amount of carbon emissions that a car does.

Physical health

Riders’ hearts only work at just under 10% less than riders on non-assisted bikes but with the feeling of much less effort!

Mental wellness

Electric bikes are an accessible & sustainable form of exercise that promotions emotional and mental wellbeing!