How it works

We want to get you growing quickly with a fun hands on approach!

pick your patch size

Choose between our four patch sizes suited for various experience and growing ambitions. Our micro patch is great for beginners, whilst the big patch is perfect for families or groups of friends.

Tuckers Meadow, Bath


Once you've placed your membership fee and set up monthly or annual payments, you'll come to the site and have a welcome session to choose your patch and receive a welcome pack that contains seeds to get going straight away! There may also be some additional goodies included to enjoy on your patch!



You'll be ready to start planting from day one and have all the advice you need for a successful harvest via our online members area! #growyourown

Members at Tuckers Meadow, Bath


You'll be able to request additional services online. We can do your weeding or watering as regularly as you like, or on demand. Perfect for when you’re away on holiday or when life gets too busy.


join our community

When you join you’ll get:

  • A ready to plant no-dig patch
  • Welcome pack + seeds
  • Monthly growing information
  • Access to shared tools
  • Talks, workshops & courses