How it works

We want you to be growing ASAP so we're keeping things super simple

Pick your patch size

To start we are only offering two sizes of patch; our small patch is great for beginners, whilst the big patch is perfect for families or groups of friends. Select your patch depending on your green fingered ambitions for the 2022 growing season! 

Receive your welcome pack

Once you've secured your patch we'll send you a welcome pack that will contain your first seeds with growing instructions and some additional treats to enjoy on your patch.

Choose your recurring services

You'll be able to request additional services via our app. Getting us to do your weeding or watering is only a click of a button away and perfect if you're going to be on holiday.


We look forward to welcoming you to our site soon! You'll be ready to start planting from day one and have all the advice you need for a successful harvest! #patchlife

What we will do once you join

  • Get Your No-dig patch ready
  • Send Welcome Pack + Seeds
  • Monthly Growing Information
  • Provide Tools
  • Gardening Courses + Talks