site rules


Roots Allotments. Allota FutureLand Limited trading as Root Allotments, headed by the Patch Manager, is responsible for the day to day management of the site. Plots are rented from Roots Allotments.

Plot Holder. A person renting an allotment from Roots Allotments.

Common Areas. Areas of land used by all members e.g. main pathways and tracks, turning points, car parks, gates, fencing and hedges are the responsibility of Roots Allotments.

Tenancy. All tenancies are monthly rolling. A deposit is paid to secure the plot and is non-refundable in the event the plot holder does not stay for a full 12 months. If the plot holder leaves after 12 months the deposit can be refunded or used to pay their rent. One months rent can be taken from the deposit each year until the deposit is no more.

Site Insurance. Roots Allotments will arrange Public Liability Insurance for the site. Roots Allotments is NOT responsible for loss or damage to tenant’s possessions caused through vandalism or theft.

Landlord. Roots Allotments is the landlord and will issue all invoices and notices in connection with the allotments.

A plot holder, having paid their deposit will then automatically become a member of the Roots Allotments Community and will be bound by the following conditions:

1. The plot must be used throughout the year with no less than 50% planted at any one time. The plot will be kept tidy and weed free, including but not limited to airborne seeds.

2. Tenants will not cause nuisance or annoyance to other plot holders.

3. No subletting of plots by tenants without written consent from Roots Allotments.

4. Tenants may not erect any building or structure on the allotment without the written consent of Roots Allotments. Dimensions, colour, manufacturer's specifications, positioning and rainwater collection provision with adequate water storage are all to be agreed by Roots Allotments in advance of any construction. Solid concrete floors are forbidden.

5. Tenants may not sell or carry away any mineral, gravel, sand or clay from the allotment.

6. Fruit trees and bushes must not exceed 2.5 meters from ground level and must be a minimum of 1m from the edge of the plot.

7. Tenants must not use barbed or razor wire, iron sheeting or carpeting on site. Absolutely no glass to be brought onto site.

8. Water storage units must be child friendly/safe.

9. No littering or disposing of refuse on site.

10. Dogs are welcome only on a lead and all dog waste/feces must be removed from site by the tenant who brought the dog on site.

11. Roots Allotments will not be liable for compensation on repossession of a plot or plots for any trees or other crops that require more than 12 months to mature, or less than 12 months in the case of eviction of the tenant.

12. Tenants must observe all conditions and covenants contained in any lease under which Roots Allotments holds the land on which the allotments are situated.

13. Tenants shall not use any chemical sprays, fertilisers or pesticides of any kind. This is an organic site and we encourage & will advise natural methods for pest and disease control.

14. All green waste must be composted; brown waste, weed roots and diseased plants must be removed from the allotments for disposal. Fires are not permitted on the allotment site.

15. Tenants will not cultivate genetically modified crops.

16. Tenants will not keep any livestock on the land without the prior permission of Roots Allotments.

17. Tenants must make arrangements for the removal of all sheds, tools and crops within 14 days of the termination of their tenancy agreement and return any keys to the allotment gates they may have. If any items are not removed within 28 days Roots Allotments may dispose of them as it thinks fit and will recover any costs from the tenant.

18. Any tenant in breach of this agreement may be evicted from their plot(s). Eviction will take place 30 days after notice has been served. However, if during the first 14 days after receiving the eviction notice the tenant provides details of how the breach will be rectified, has given acceptable reasons to account for the problems that have arisen or has resumed cultivation of their plot(s) Roots Allotments may withdraw the eviction notice. Temporary absence, illness or family matters may be considered adequate reasons for a period of poor cultivation and eviction would only be applied after due consideration by Roots Allotments. The proper cultivation or other necessary work required in response to a notice to quit must be done or substantially completed within the first 4 weeks following the date of the original notice to quit. Failure to comply will result in immediate eviction for the allotment.

19. Rents are due monthly and are to be paid to Roots Allotments via the payment portal using a direct debit. If payment is not made promptly the plot will be deemed to be vacant and will be re-let if missed payment is not received within 30 days of the due date.

20. Once a tenant makes their deposit they are bound by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in their eviction and the loss of their deposit.

21. No compensation will be given if the tenant leaves the plot, focably or by choice, for any improvements made to the land.